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Courses in English

As humans we never stop asking ourselves about the purpose of life. We try to define what a meaningful life actually is. Often we make many unnecessary and costly mistakes in the process. We loose time living in a total emptiness. Does it sound familiar? Do you want to find your meaning, your greater cause, your True calling? We can help you by showing you the path, though eventually you need to walk it yourself.
We are offering you an educational course based on the philosophical teachings by Viktor Frankl, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. The organiser of the course is an internationally accredited institute - Viktor Frankl Institute Finland. The course is taught in English by Timo Purjo, PhD, Diplomate Educator in Logotherapy. I will assist him, giving special attention from the perspective of foreigners living in Finland either permanently or temporarily. A similar program can be also taught in Russian. For more information please
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